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Mon, Jun. 4th, 2007, 10:15 am
Too Many Monkees . . .!

Speaking of the Monkees, my girlfriend was kind enough to acquire tickets for an August performance of Shoe Suede Blues, featuring Peter Tork.  While I’ve seen the Monkees perform as a group three times (sans Nesmith), I’m excited to see another perform solo, if only for a chance to catch a glimpse of his unique creativity and personality, and, if space and time forbid, to score a picture alongside him, as I did with Micky Dolenz a year or so ago.


Therein lies the rub, however.  In a weakened moment of Internet surfing last night, I visited Micky’s webpage and discovered that he and his sister Coco will be performing locally again this year, on July 11 in Newport Beach.  My brief meet-‘n-greet with Dolenz was one of the most anticipated moments of my life (he is my favorite of the Monkees, after all), and I wonder if a second helping of undoubtedly the same performance would cheapen that initial hallmark.  I mean, if could take another picture with Micky, would the first one be as significant, or, worse, if I make an effort to attend but miss the opportunity for a keepsake, would my eventual bitterness overshadow my long-standing childhood admiration?  Gosh, if seeing a Monkee has always been this easy, what have I been so excited about all of these years?


(Actually, the advantage is purely geographic, as Micky’s and Peter’s tour dates are very limited.  If I still lived in Phoenix, I wouldn’t get to see either . . . although Davy did perform there on April 21st . . . Damn!)

So, considering that I can’t imagine any of the Monkees performing for much longer, what would you do?  Tork’s tickets are already paid for and I wouldn’t pass up a chance to see him perform solo, but should I see Micky again, running the risks I’ve described?  I’d hate for Micky to inadvertently make me an unbeliever . . . 

Mon, Jun. 4th, 2007 06:13 pm (UTC)